Street Art LPZ 

We promote the urban art of La Paz. 

We offer city walks to discover the murals downtown. 

We follow and share the news from the street via our social media. 

Our ambition is to inspire the creation of new work and produce events in La Paz


Use the Hash Tag: #streetartlpz

Discover the stories behind the murals

Our street art walk in the center of La Paz lasts for roughly an hour and a half.

We invite you to discover the stories behing 15 murals painted by a variety of artists from the four corners of Mexico. Most of them have been painted in the context of the project Cuidad Mural (2017), initiated by Colectivo Tomate.

Each mural carries its own thematic story of La Paz about the fishermen of the bay, the rancheros of the desert, the cave paintings of the first Indians but also the challenges of ocean conservation and the success stories of the reconversion of the local fishermen to sustainable practices.

True reflections of the local culture, these murals provide the viewer deep access to the culture of The Baja.

Tours may be provided in French, English or Spanish

There are more than 80 murals in the city ! 

Build your own path by using this map which provides location of the murals and the name of the artists.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and water!

Amélie Padioleau

A French anthropologist, journalist and sailor, Amélie first arrived in La Paz 10 years ago. She collects mythological stories, sea legends, but also true facts about fishermen and local heroes with the courage to rethink their life around sustainability and conservation.

Amélie discovered Colectivo Tomato in 2017 when they invited 25 talented artists to paint the stories of the community on the walls of their city. For her this project was a revelation. The filter of art brought sincerity and emotion to these stories. Now she can’t help it: she has to share them.